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What Essential Oils to Use to Help Overcome Depression Living in this world brings us things to be depressed about. And, there are various states of depression. Some people can easily handle depression. In a day or two, these people have overcome their depression. Some other people can’t eat or sleep whenever something is causing them to be depression. There are those who play over and over in their minds how they ever got into that kind of situation that is causing their depression. It can take years for some to deal with their depression and somehow some people end up being mentally unstable. People can get depressed for several reasons. Depression can come if you lose some very important things in your life. It is very important that depression be overcome, whatever the reason for it is. One helpful way of overcoming depression is with the use of essential oils. However, we should not think that essential oil is a cure to depression. But there are several essential oils that have been tested and have been proven to help people get over being depressed. Depression is an emotion and this kind of emotion is something that you don’t want to carry with you for the rest of your life. And, a depressed person cannot do much compared to someone who is not feeling the same way. Depression can be overcome with the help of essential oils.
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People who are depressed frequently should know about clary sage. When you are in a state of depression, it is good to use this essential oil, the oil of clary sage. The colors of this oil is light golden yellow and is fairly thin in consistency. Its scent is earthy and subtly fruity. There are other uses of this particular essential oil, not only in helping you get over your depression but also for conditions like asthma, coughs, gas, exhaustion, dysmenorrheal, stress, and sore throat.
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Another good essential oil that can help you overcome depression is frankincense. Yellow is the color of the essential oil of frankincense and its consistency is thin. It has a fresh, spicy, fruity, and woody scent. Like clary sage, frankincense essential oil can be used by people suffering from depression which can be of great help to them. Another cure for depression is the use of soy candles. There are many types of soy candles being sold in the market today which also contain these essential oils. With the essential oils wafting to the air upon lighting you soy candle, your depression can greatly be helped. This shows that there are ways our depression can be overcome and one of these way is by using essential oils, particularly clary sage and frankincense essential oils, and the scent of soy candles.