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The Benefits and Remuneration for IREM Certified Property Managers

Becoming an IREM member automatically ties your professional practice to the world’s top property management association. Therefore, you’re establishing ties with your professional equals who boast consistent success day by day, setting very high industry standards for others to envyingly copy. There are lucrative financial and professional perks for the position of an IREM Certified Property Manager (CPM).

These are the rewards of being a CPM from IREM:

A Higher Salary

Surely, the appeal of becoming the best there could ever be in the property management industry internationally is strong enough to have you take up IREM tutorship and become a CPM. Nonetheless, in case you’re in the dark regarding the average certified property manager salary, you’ll be pleased to discover that a CPM professional earns exceptionally well. A recent survey indicates that the mean pay for a CPM candidate member is $92, 544. The average pay for CPM members is a whopping $135, 162. Definitely, the salary is exceptionally attractive by all accounts.

Expanded Career Opportunities

You’ll a achieve the credentials of a certified real estate manager, but the end-game, which is employment, has to be addressed too. Fortunately, IREM takes care of both aspects for you! In the end, you’ll get to enjoy the fruits of the mentorship program as IREM continues to proactively promote the CPM qualification in front of potential clients and employers. The CPM designation is in itself a brand that’s well-recognized, so if you have it, entities or individuals looking to hire you already know the value you’re bringing as well as you expectations for a commensurate pay.

Successful Pursuit of Career Objectives

In case you strongly believe in your capability to join the industry’s best real estate managers but the career aspiration keeps evading, maybe you should assess possible areas of improvement. Many average property managers are doing fine, just like the rest, but that’s where the problem is! If one of your personal career goals is to play your game at the highest level possible, you need to distinguish yourself from the average practitioner, which is what IREM mentorship helps you achieve.

No doubt the CPM gives you the edge you need to make a difference and beat your industry competitors to the top slot. Possessing the designation indicates that you boast outstanding expertise to take care of all real estate financial and asset management tasks, paving the way for an illustrious career. It also means that you’re a forward thinker and you’re determined to create an indelible mark by managing properties in line with the industry’s high standards for ethics, helping make life more comfortable for every tenant or resident you’ve served.

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