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Dow brings technology-driven solutions from across the company to every major system of the vehicle. First, look on the walls inside, behind the counter or maybe even down a hall. Many shops will have certificates hanging there showing training courses that their mechanics and associates have been through. Right out of the gate I want to qualify the value of these as being only marginal, but, once again, like a clean shop, they serve as an indicator of pride in workmanship. A shop displaying these has 1) the willingness to send its people to training that they might improve their skills, and 2) the pride that comes with an educational accomplishment. Again, that doesn’t guarantee that the mechanics are the best, but it gives you another indication that at least this shop cares enough to try.

I have a 2014 Mazda 3. Today when I went to start it for work after I turned it on it smelled like rotten eggs REALLY bad. That was my first clue. Then I put it in reverse to get out of my garage and my car started sputtering and dying out. I was so mad, it’s literally an 8 month old car!!! So I got it towed to Mazda and got my rental for the day. I followed up with them around noon and that’s when they told me. A rodent (probably a rat) made a giant nest in my engine and ate a bunch of stuff to the point if disabling my car from driving. 300$ later I’m about to pick my car up nice a fixed. I will not be parking anywhere near my garage tonight though and will try the peppermint oil. They better not come back. 🙁 I should probably warn my neighbor so they don’t try to move on to his car. I didn’t even know this problem existed until today. So annoying.

E-mails are not only important for this type of notification,but also to remind them that it is time for their whatever type of service that needs to be done every so many sure you tell the customer that you will not use the e-mail for any other purpose but to notify them that they have become eligible for their referral reward and service reminders, promotions,due for whatever type of service.

On more complicated circuits, a circuit diagram and component locator is essential. Almost all fuses have several different components that it feeds current to. Because of this, if a fuse is blowing, you again need to narrow down your search. You can do this by finding what is called a splice. This is where a group of wires are connected together and then each wire branches off to its separate components. All of these wires receive current from the same fuse. The splice must be disconnected, usually this is done by removing the solder that binds it together. This will enable you to take each wire and test it as was done with the first example of the fan motor and relay. Once you know which wire is shorted you can use the wiring diagram you acquired to follow the wire and locate the short.Automotive

Milling and Machining: The act of finishing a surface is called machining. It’s often accomplished with a spinning metal cutter, called a mill. Mills can be used to cut pockets into iron or steel, create finished surfaces to tight specifications, and follow paths programmed into its computer that allow them to machine large surfaces for hours without stopping.

Raphael Fischer is Head of Innovation Projects and manages Schaefflers’s development activities in the field of urban mobility. He studied mechanical engineering with specialization on vehicle engineering at the FH Offenburg (FHO) and at the Université Louis Pasteur Strasbourg. In 2005, he started his career at Schaeffler as development engineer and became Technical Project Manager in the division Central Mechatronics in 2010. Since 2012, he is responsible for the product development of Schaeffler’s E-Wheel-Drive.