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Marvin’s son, Joey, will be handling all of his father’s former customers. Please wait a few moments while you get redirected to Joey’s business website. Thank you. My beautiful new BMW – engine light came on yesterday so I went to the dealership thinking it was time for an oil change. What a surprise! Replacing the sensor wire will cost $700 this week. The rats left lots of evidence of their activities – no nest thank goodness. Thanks for all the suggestions. You can bet I will follow up.

Fourthly, choose the color of your choice from the charts available, and load your spray gun. Make sure that your spray gun is in working condition. Also ensure that you are wearing a protective mask. Spray painting can bring you in contact with hazardous chemicals and therefore it is very important that you wear a breathing mask. Make sure the paint is sprayed evenly across the surface of your car. The paint will take a few hours to dry depending upon the spray gun, the color and the temperature.

When ready, start with the fuses in the under-hood fuse box, if equipped. Then, test the fuses under the dashboard. Circuits with no current flow will read 0.0 mV of voltage drop. If you detect any amount of voltage drop, you’ve identified the circuit with the parasitic draw.

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Die Detail: These are normally castings pulled from the overall design, as described above. But, they can include steel components. Whenever a drawing or 3D model will help builders better see, or comprehend, a design, a build company might ask for separate layers or files that will allow them to look at any major die component separately. An upper die pad, for example, would be cast and machined from material (files, blueprints) that showed it not only as it set in the die, but separately, too.

Maurice Geraets is Board Member NXP Netherlands. He focuses on disruptive innovations for ‘secure connections for a smarter world’ like connected & automated driving, is active in the 1B€ SmartWayz program, is board member of several mobility associations, and is member of the High Level ITS Advisory Group to the European Commission.Automotive