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An emphasis in automotive engineering allows students to focus on the analysis and design of automobiles and all of the related components (engine, transmission, control systems, brakes, drive train, exhaust, etc.). Courses at BYU related to this tend to be focused on fundamental principles that are critical in many of the elements involved in automobile design and manufacture. Select from the courses below to build an emphasis area in automotive engineering. If you’re hoping for a cheap option, this isn’t really it (though comparatively speaking it’s definitely affordable), but considering the full set of features it boasts, this is a great handheld digital storage oscilloscope for both the professional and the hobbyist.

Remember: Your car audio system is running mainly off your alternator, not your battery because its voltage potential is 12.7 V, whereas your alternator supplies 14.5 V. Since the alternator has the highest potential, it will supply the demanded current up to its point of saturation, whereby the battery takes over to supply the extra spikes of current demand. But in such a saturated scenario, the voltage supplied to your audio system has dropped substantially. The addition of extra batteries is only a limited band-aid fix to the problem. There is only one solution: You’re gonna need a bigger alternator!

Sorry to hear about your problem- so bad, especially when it is your Pride-and-joy new car. Some people have found peppermint oil to be a good solution. Seeing that you had a stinky problem, it might help in more ways in one. Make sure you reapply the oil frequently.Automotive

These are high quality hoists on a good floor, and this sort of layout impresses your customer and makes your mechanics happy and safe as well! A: As already explained in a section above, Lenovo laptops had heating issues. But those have already been resolved with the introduction of new drivers for Windows 8 and Windows 10.

British cars have always been a symbol of heritage culture history and perhaps style over the year and indeed decades, as classic as they may seem to appear now there still a lot to pinpoint in terms of class when compared to cars from other regions.

It might seem contradictory to demand an SUV and a fuel-efficient vehicle at the same time. With the new hybrid SUV’s, this now achievable. There is a new technology called an electrically-powered axel that automakers have already added to some of these hybrid SUVs. This e-axel is an electrically-powered rear axel that both improves performance and boosts fuel economy. You can find this today in current models of the hybrid Volvo XC90, Toyota RAV4, and BMW i8.