Lithium Producers Believe That The Automotive Market Has Reached The Tipping Point.

Adventures of the Automotive Archaeologist. I travel around looking for Barn Finds. I’ll go in farmer’s fields, junkyards, barns trying to find those elusive cars in barns. Because you never know what you are going to find. The best Barn Find might be just a barn away. Although the amperage battery drain test has been a popular and reliable technique for some years, it is difficult to implement on many late model vehicles. Many of these models have several computer modules that remain online for 30 minutes or more after you’ve shut off the engine and removed the key from the ignition switch.

I hook up my scan tool and check for codes and I have a P0335 code for Crankshaft Position Sensor. I also have no cranking rpm on my scan tool when I am physically cranking the engine over. Now at this point some background on this system. This Nissan platform is very common in my area and I have a lot of experience with these vehicles. This year Maxima has a CKP (POS) that reads off the flywheel and is mounted in the oil pan adapter. A CKP (REF) that reads off the front crankshaft dampener. A CMP (Phase) that reads off the Bank 2 Camshaft gear. This setup described is for a 3.0 Liter VQ30DE engine. Now there are some variables. There are two different crankshaft dampener setups. This will alter the CKP (REF) signals. I forget the years off the top of my head that are different. I have many known good patterns from many years on this platform. I just compare to a know good in my library of waveforms.

Dear Stuart, NorthUmbria is ok but not exceptional to my knowledge…the other one I do not know it! My dad did this to my prom shoes a long time ago because my dress was a light blue and there were no shoes to match anywhere, so I just bought white and he painted them. They turned out really good. He used spray paint!

Cost effective- none of OBD2 scanner I have encountered in my long usage has been this cheap. This is in spite of the wide user functional abilities it has. Unlike most of its competitors, the BAFX OBD2 scan tool offers money’s worth of services at an amazingly lower price.

Checking hoses: From time to time, it’s a good idea to pop the hood and check the condition of the different systems’ hoses — specially vacuum hoses. Hoses wear out over time, become brittle, swell, tear and get disconnected due to heat and vibration during engine operation. So leaking hoses — vacuum or fluid ones — are a common source of engine performance problems.

We cleaned out both cars, took the Honda in for service and made an appointment for the Ford. The next day – before the Ford’s appointment – my husband drove the Ford home from work, parked in the carport, and within minutes the car burst into flames!!! Thank god we are near the fire station – they saved our house.Automotive