How To Update An OTC Genisys Automotive Scan Diagnostic Tool

There are Recovery only machines but most recover refrigerant, clean and dry the recovered refrigerant, evacuate the system and recharge the system with refrigerant and oil. Oh, well that’s on me for poor reading regarding the shade-tree guys. You are absolutely a thousand percent right about having mechanical friends, particularly of the dealership variety, who will consult or even work with you. While not all dealership mechanics are all that great, they do get exposed to the latest information, whether they want it or not. You could not be more right about trusting that sort of fellow, at the very least as second opinion or advisor, and, for the work if they’ll do it.

I own a 2013 Chevy Equinox and the Check Engine Light came on after 2 years exactly a couple of days prior to inspection. The dealer wants to charge $195.00 just to diagnose. That’s outrageous because it should nt take more than 5 minutes to figure out the reason for the CEL. The OBD machine displays it on the screen as soon as you plug it in under the dashboard. There should be a law against such theft.

Before you walk away, ask if there is anything else you can do for them, but be genuine. If you’re not genuine, the customer will see right through you. If you have a business card, hand them one and tell them to ask for you if they have any more questions.

The Autolink AL619 OBD II is a great troubleshooter to have on hand. It can read virtually any code of any system of any vehicle manufactured after 1996. It comes with CD software, free software updates for a year, a rechargeable Li-Ion Battery, a case, an SD card, and USB cable. By all reports, this is a solidly built tool, with easy-to-use buttons that can be used even while wearing gloves. It is not considered a top-of-the-line diagnostic tool-those cost upward of $3,000-however, this is the tool most mechanics reach for first. It is more expensive than basic scanners, however the Autel AL619 will pay for itself the first time you are able to clear a code without going to the dealership or a repair shop.Automotive

This Hub is amazing and the suggestions have been quite helpful. We recently had 2 repairs at our dealer due to damage from mice totaling over $900 and after the second time decided to search the internet for solutions. An evening spent reading this Hub and researching solutions we chose to try the Mouse Blocker as mentioned many times and have to say we are very pleased with the results. There are no signs of mice in the vehicle at all since installing the unit and wanted to share our results here. This Hub helped us find a solution and it only makes sense to share our solution here with everyone.

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