How To Sand And Polish A Car So The Paint Looks Good As New

The first thing to do is relax. When your car breaks, don’t freak out. Don’t panic. I remember one woman coming into my shop and, as she began talking to me, I could hear trembling in her voice. I looked down at her hands and they were shaking too. She was terrified. I realized then and there how traumatic getting car repairs can be for people, to a degree I’d never imagined possible before. Now I realize not everyone is nervous or intimidated to that extent, but there is still anxiety for many somewhere underneath. So, take a breath and let’s have a look at what part of this unknown stuff is still under your control. Almost every shop uses a large standardized database, such as ‘AllData’, that provides labor times. The reason that shops need a standardized list is because all cars are not created equal. Removing a radiator on one car might be a snap, on another car it might take hours. The database provides a labor time that they feel should be a fair compromise for the customer and the mechanic. A skilled mechanic should usually be able to get the repair done in the amount of alloted time without overcharging the customer for labor. Some repairs are not covered by the labor database. In that case, it’s up to the shop to provide a fair estimate.Automotive

We are considering setting up a 12-bay (possibly increasing to 24-bay)auto service center, covering a variety of vehicle models in Nigeria. We are looking to engage a company to build a turnkey workshop and provide the core mechanical expertise to run the workshop for an initial period of 24 months. Would you have any recommedations of such companieshere in the USA.

Service Tip: Never reuse -rings or gaskets on an AC system. The seals and gaskets are a high leak occurrence anyway. Lubricate the -rings with mineral oil. Another item to replace while you have the system apart is the schrader valves. It’s very disappointing to finish an AC job, only to have the schrader valves leak after the service hoses are removed.

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To locate the faulty circuit, start pulling out fuses, one at a time, from each of your vehicle’s fuse boxes. Begin with the under-hood fuse box, if there’s one. Pull one of the fuses and watch your meter’s reading. Then re-install the fuse. Keep pulling fuses one at a time until you see the unusual amperage reading on your meter go down to within normal range. When this happens, the circuit that fuse protects is faulty.