How Do I Choose My Best Car Design School?

On a brisk Saturday in October, Lesane woke up and remembered that he was due for an oil change on the Goulding. A robot swished its way toward him as he rose from the bed. It declared the message straight from the dealership. Because our teams are the best at what they do, AKKA Technologies has a long list of well known clients who have consistently chosen to trust AKKA Technologies with their projects. Our automotive project management expertise enables us to be one of the European leaders on the segment.

There is still so much more to do with this car, but I would hope that you join me in this adventure. Want to find out what I do next? Follow the series on this blog, or check out our YouTube channel Don’t forget to like us on Facebook , and be sure to follow us on Twitter for some exclusive content and updates about what will be happening to this car next! Thanks for stopping by.

Mahindra Electric (formerly Mahindra Reva) represents all that the Group stands for: pioneering innovation, accessible design and technology, and global leadership. To advance the design and production of electric cars worldwide, we acquired a majority stake in the Reva Electric Car Company in 2010, and since then, we’ve produced the e2o, an electric vehicle touted as the future of mobility. On the back of our technical knowhow, 2014 saw us enter the exciting world of Formula E in partnership with Mahindra Racing.

It seems like different things work for different people- and many suggest a combination approach. As far as there being little information, I think the comments give a lot of possible solutions. It is clear that there is not one answer to the problem that works for all.Automotive

Designing castings requires the engineer to take in account weight, wall strength, core size, and cost. Once a casting design is approved, it’s pulled, or separated, from the overall design and given its own computer file. This file is sent to a foundry where iron is poured to the exact specifications given to them by the design source. When the iron cools, a rough cast of the three dimensional design is ready for further work by machinists.

By taking solely a materials view on this story, it supports my previous post pertaining to traversing the gap between industries with composites. If you take the final application out of the equation, the requirements for the material or composite could be the same in two different markets. The outcome of the materials used during this journey could help the direction of materials used by Audi in the future.