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Tea as The Healthiest Beverage

One of the healthiest drinks known to man is tea. Such claims have sound scientific backing. There is always a link of green tea to such claims. Green tea should be consumed regularly. When a person exercises regularly and takes a balanced diet, green tea will help them lose weight through the fat-burning properties. Green tea also regulates blood glucose levels, while lowering cholesterol levels. Taking green tea will help you to focus. It is rare to find a regular green tea drinker suffering from coronary artery disease. Green tea can combat colon, skin and lung cancer. The health benefits of green tea are indeed many and critical. It is advisable to take it regularly to ensure you are safe.

Green tea maintains the color of the plant even after harvesting. There is no risk of excessive caffeine consumption through green tea. It has a fresh taste, as no fermentation occurs in processing. They have a wider range of flavor. They can be sweet, fruity, nutty, to name a few.

It is through the polyphenol antioxidants that green tea has so much power over many terrible health conditions and diseases. This has been focused on especially in recent cancer research efforts. It is now being tested as the forefront solution in cancer therapy. It has been found out that there are some tumors which can’t survive its presence.
In increasing mental performance, green tea lowers anxiety in a person, as it increases their alertness. It is also rich in catechins, which are efficient in destroying most of the bacteria that lead to food poisoning. Even their toxins can be neutralized by green tea. Those necessary bacteria in the gut will not be harmed by the catechins.
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We also have other varieties of tea that are beneficial to health. There is black tea, which is good for reducing cholesterol. It also unblocks the arteries. As it reduces the blockages, it also makes them stronger. Black tea assists in the fight against cancer, as well as eliminating harmful pathogens.
Oolong tea is half green and half black. It is the result of partial fermentation of the leaves before frying. This results in a rich sweet-flowery flavor. When purchasing oolong tea, ask for those that were made using the traditional methods as these are the best. Its health benefits can be seen in fat metabolism regulation, where it can be used to manage obese cases. It also enhances the condition of strong bones, preventing the occurrence of osteoporosis. Additional benefits can be seen in the prevention of tooth decay and promotion of good heart conditions.
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Those looking to enjoy all these properties but don’t want to buy each can take blended tea. The practice of blending is beneficial in the sense of getting the most out of all types, as well as keeping the price low.

T ensure you get the best out of your chosen type, ask for the highest quality brand, that has been recently manufactured.