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Types of Wedding Packages Offered by a Wedding Planner

A wedding planner is someone who takes the burden off the shoulders of the bride and groom when it comes to their wedding preparation. Wedding planners have the right connections and they are very creative. They look at what they do as a passion and not a job.

If you hire a wedding planner, he will make you choose from three different packages that they offer. It will depend upon the need and the budget of the people concerned, especially the bride and groom. The full service, partial service, and day planner service are the three packages offered by wedding planners.

The job of the wedding planner starts the moment they are hired and ends when the wedding celebration is done. He will represent the family and will keep the communication lines open for all concerned parties. If family members don’t agree to certain things, the wedding planner acts as mediator.

A wedding planner can set the budget and see to it that the expenses are within the given budget. He will look for a reception and ceremony venue and will book the photographers, videographers, florist, entertainers, and bridal car. In order to minimize vendor costs, he will be negotiating for a lower cost, and he will create a timeline that he will make sure to be followed by all. Both rehearsals and wedding day ceremonies are under his charge. He is also responsible to follow up all the necessary jobs after the wedding. All these services are included in a full service package.

For partial service package, the bride and groom will design their wedding and the planner will be a mere guide along the process, assisting the couple. Here decisions are made by the bride and groom, and the planner wither approves of it or make suggestions to make it better.

Collecting information about the bride and groom, meeting concerned parties and helping in budge evaluation are the responsibilities of a partial planner. He also negotiates prices with the vendors and establish the timeline. The wedding planner is expected to be at the catering meeting, rehearsals, the wedding and the reception.

Day planners ensure that the wedding plans of the bride and groom are executed smoothly. He makes sure that the vendors are directed properly. The timeline is his most crucial task. The exact timing has to be executed according to the planners design. Organizing rehearsals, assigning staff to the bride and groom during the wedding, checking the vendors at the wedding and ensuring the timeline are the responsibilities of a day wedding planner. He can also see to it that after wedding jobs are done.

It is the wedding couple that decides what package they want. The can hire a part time or day package if they have time and specific plans. The full service package is for couples who has no more time to make wedding preparations.

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