Defined, Consolidated Controller Architectures

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This may be quite a challenge but we see many automakers and Tier 1s today accepting the challenge and adopting these practices. I have been asked so I am posting the web site. They ship all over the world… If you call them they are very friendly. Connect the meter’s positive (red) probe to the battery cable terminal you just disconnected.

Thanks for your suggestions- It just seems totally unfair that these tiny furry creatures can discombobulate our sophisticated technology. yes Rochelle, they wired it to the battery in the car. The dealer stated they had many success stories and we were desperate so we had it installed. Very happy that we did and happy to share our success to such a crazy problem.

Depending on the amount of current being drained, a parasitic draw will suck all the juice from your battery in a few hours or minutes. Detroit since a couple of years is transforming itself for the better and an international design school is opened to the world not just to its home town.

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