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The first step is to uninstall any previous versions of the NGIS software from your computer. If you never installed any NGIS software on your PC before, you can skip this step. The instructions with the tool do not tell you that you can not install one version on top of the other or have multiple versions installed at the same time. When you install more than one version, the software gets confused and usually updates with the older software. What happens is that your new 5.0 system software reverts back to 4.0 or earlier. Combine with tire sales, or outsource tires. Buy a machine that will do new cars with large wheels. Also, I’m not sure if an i7 comes within your budget, it is better to spend an extra $100-$150 for a 4th or 5th Gen i7 processor than an i5 now than spend another $750 two years later. Hope this helps. If you have any question, let me know.

I was thrilled when I discovered a video on YouTube from Margot Silk Forrest and Destiny Carter of Sassy Feet demonstrating their basic shoe painting techniques in action! Actually, Margot is behind the camera and does most of the narration while Destiny demonstrates the painting. I was able to watch this fun demo to get a better idea of what I would be doing while I waited for the book to arrive.

The law requires that no refrigerant be released to the atmosphere under Section 609 of the EPA Clean Air Act. The law also specifies that the technician performing the work must be 609 certified if receiving compensation. This means if you are doing the work at home you will either; have someone remove the refrigerant with a recovery machine or violate the law. High fines can be imposed for the release of refrigerant into the atmosphere. Many shops will remove the refrigerant and only charge you for the recovery and recharge. You can save the labor for replacing the components.Automotive

Small- and mid-sized automotive manufacturers and suppliers face unique challenges and tough competition both inside and outside the automotive industry. With Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine), you have a modern software solution that helps you more seamlessly integrate with partners and provide the same—or better—levels of customer service than your enterprise-sized competitors.

If you care about your work, customers will care about using your workshop to do all their mechanical repairs and servicing, so you need the right tools and equipment to do a broad range of work. Dijmex mainly focuses on PC, PC/ABS, PBT and ABS/ASA compounds, but also has the knowledge to manufacture and distribute other technical polymers.

i know NID and IIT are the best. but if i have to choose between DSK-ISD,Pune and DYP-DC. witch one would you recommend. my other question is that if i want to become a transportation/vehicle designer, should i go for UG course OR PG course? as i have completed my graduation as an engineer. Kindly help me out.