Choosing The Right Car For Your Road Trip

There really is nothing like taking a long, cross-country road trip with your friends or family. Between driving on scenic highways, sight-seeing, and stopping for roadside picnics, a road trip with people you care about, or even going solo on a trip is a freeing and fun experience. But before you hit the open road, roll down the windows, and turn the tunes up, you need to do some research and making sure you have chosen the proper car for your road trip needs. Here are some tips to help you do so.

Firstly, consider how many miles you’ll be traveling, and the gas mileage rates of cars available to you. If this trip is literally coast to coast, you’ll need a vehicle with an exceptional report on gas mileage performance. Not to mention, gas prices fluctuate often, sometimes even daily. They also vary by state and sometimes even city. If you’re going on a long trip, you want to make sure your chosen car gives you the most miles possible for every gallon of gasoline. Consider both highway and city mileage because you’re likely going to be driving in sparse traffic to driving in start-and-stop city traffic as you travel from one destination to the next. The average vehicle these days gets approximately 25 miles per gallon, so use this baseline when comparing and contrasting other cars for you trip.

Next, consider what type of activities you’ll be doing in the car. Plan on going on a drive-through Safari at a huge zoo? Going to be driving through the wintery mountains of Colorado to reach a beautiful ski resort? Perhaps you’re only stopping at local Bed & Breakfasts and that’s the extent of your adventuring! If you do plan on hitting roads that go through rough terrain, finding a vehicle with 4-wheel-drive and good, road-gripping tires is an absolute necessity. But if the roads you’ll be traversing are well kept and easy on the wheels, there’s no need for that extra feature. For instance, a trip to Asheville, North Carolina may take you through mountain roads, but if you just want to visit Biltmore Estate, (the nation’s largest home) then any mid-size, average road runner car will do. Also taking into consideration the storage space available to you for each car you consider. If you’ll be taking gear, lots of luggage, or other supplies with you, a vehicle with a hatchback or large trunk space may be needed.

Taking the proper precautions and making sure you’ve done your research on rental cars will make your road trip less stressful, more fun, and all around better. Take these tips and put them to good use before your next trip! You won’t regret it.