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Light can help us feel safe when on the road. Bright, clear headlights improve visibility without blinding other drivers with glare. Precise interior lighting adds comfort without distracting the person who’s driving. For nearly a century, Philips Automotive has been dedicated to providing best in-class lighting solutions in the Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier (OEM, OES) markets. One out of every three cars around the world comes equipped with a Philips light source. The lecture is addressing the key issues identified by ERTRAC (the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council) for the transport system from an R&D perspective. As the main automotive technology platform on collaborative research of the EU Commission in the field of road transportation, ERTRAC has recently issued a series of roadmaps on automation of road transport (2015) electrification of vehicles (2016) and integrated urban mobility (2017). A global vision of these 3 roadmaps and ERTRAC’s recommendations will be presented by Mr di Paola-Galloni.

even if to be a car designer in my opinion means to follow a full course in transportation design…I think that in your case having had already a bachelor in Industrial Design you can go to make a Master in Car design at IAAD. I would recommend to follow a preparatory course before starting the Master to make sure you can catch up with some fundamentals before making projects. Good luck!

Why should diagnostic fee’s be free if you decide to do the work? You are paying for the tests necessary to identify why the fault code (check engine light, ABS, Airbag, SRS) has been tripped from the on board computer. Its similar to going to the doctor and the doctor issuing an X-Ray to be performed to identify the problem. Would you have an issue paying for the X-Ray? If you go to the doctor and the doctor tells you that there is nothing wrong with you do you think the doctor will tell you the visit is free now because he/she did not find anything wrong with you? What you are essentially doing when you visit a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, etc. is paying someone else for their specialized knowledge in regards to an issue that you cannot figure out on your own. I find it strange that people would assume that the diagnostic tests necessary to find the problems with their car should be free but the diagnostic tests at a doctors office should be paid for and not be free.

In Australia mechanics work mostly for a salary and the pay is good and related to experience and mechanical courses completed. I too don’t like the flat rate as it is wildly inaccurate on many jobs. I have 35 years experience and have hired dozens of mechanics. In one of my recent hubs I told of a $1,200 clutch replacement where the owner was charged for the mechanic to learn how to do the job.

Add Air Conditioning; $425 – We replaced the toilet in the closet with a portable room air conditioner. We hired out the electrical and plumbing and did the duct taping ourselves… we got what we paid for. $365 for the air conditioner, about $60 of other materials & labor including upgraded electrical outlets.

I was able to pick up a modern office desk, chairs, huge HON lateral filing cabinets, therapy carts, magazine racks and more via these methods. The best part about buying locally from a classified or at a garage sale is you can often negotiate your price. When you are starting a Chiropractic practice with limited funds every penny you save counts. You quickly learn to get over any fear of haggling.Automotive