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GM Certified Technician on site every day Monday to Friday and some Saturdays, call for appointment. Fumbling around on his browser, the IPKat hasn’t been able to track down the full research report, to which the Insight article offers no link. He hopes that it will be available soon, since he thought this to be one of the most refreshingly practical and valuable bits of contemporary empirical IP research that he has seen for a while.

What do you think about the Dell XPS 13? Although there are desirable upgrades to the CPU/GPU/Storage/RAM, the 13 seems like a good alternative to the 15 for significantly less. Hmm. I have seen this waveform many times but not a 2002 vehicle.┬áThis is where having a known good waveform library comes in handy. I know that I have a known good waveform from a 2002 Jeep Liberty 3.7 Liter in my library. Let’s pull it up.Automotive

So there you have it, my thoughts as they pertain to diagnostic fees. Keep in mind that there are certain issues that will sometimes require extensive diagnostics such as water leaks and electrical issues, but you should never authorize more than one hour for diagnostics. Should they be unable to find the issue within the hour the service advisor will need to come back to you to get authorization for additional diagnostics. In any case, never authorize more than an hour at a time because if you authorize more than that chances are that’s what you will be billed for even if it took less time.

Youth Information Kiosks link information provision and the ability to quickly place a call to a service provider whilst browsing at particular pieces of information, so that there is a greater chance of services being accessed by young people in need.

By 2001, the Naza Group became a full-fledged auto assembler with the introduction of the locally-assembled, Kia Spectra. Several locally-assembled Kia models that were subsequently launched such as the Naza Ria MPV, the Sorento and the Sportage quickly became market leaders in their respective the same year, the Naza Group captured its second franchise after it was appointed as the exclusive distributor of Brabus-tuned cars.

Great comment ELK, if you are running 3 bays it is time to go pro. Service managers with lots of hands on experience usually make it in workshops especially if they have enough skills to gain a strong following. Good luck with your new business, and contact me anytime if you need any steerage along the way.