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Automotive Telediagnostics is a multidisciplinary field, composed of Telematics and Diagnostics. It refers to the ability to read, correlate, analyze and transmit real-time information regarding vehicles, its mechanical status, location, safety and other relevant data. Here is the actual piece of sandpaper I used with the oxidation on it. The fastener in the picture is one of the screws that hold the cover on underneath the vehicle. The theory here is that the vehicle sat and the oxidation occurred forcing the sensors air gap to increase. I have seen this before on Nissan vehicles with ABS wheel speed sensors. The aftermarket sensor was bad right out of the box. Having worked with these type of sensors in a lab setup I have seen the slightest change in air gap mean the difference between a signal and no signal. Reminds me of a Maxima I checked out a couple of years ago for a shop that was a crank no start after an engine replacement. Long story short the shop never swapped the manual transmission oil pan adapter that came with the used engine (where the CKP (POS) mounts) to the vehicles automatic transmission one. The result no CKP (POS) signal because the sensor was too far away. That shop never made that mistake again.

This may be quite a challenge but we see many automakers and Tier 1s today accepting the challenge and adopting these practices. I have been asked so I am posting the web site. They ship all over the world… If you call them they are very friendly. Connect the meter’s positive (red) probe to the battery cable terminal you just disconnected.

Larger presses typically have greater press stroke distance. Another important factor of press stroke is strokes per minute. Different presses have different speed variations, and two factors, press stroke distance and press strokes per minute, are considered carefully before die engineers start work on the dies that’ll be mounted to the press carriage and ram.

At this point, as I mentioned, it has been on my daily driver for five years 46,457 miles, and sat in storage at one point for six months straight when I put my car in a garage while I left for a long term contract. It did start to fail after a year or so and got progressively worse.

It all started when I was searching on the Internet for a solution to a problem I was having, it was on an unfamiliar vehicle that I was working on. The results from the search were horrible, and they keep bringing me down one dead end after another. I knew I could do much better than what I had found, so here I am! I may not be the best writer, but hopefully the content will make up for my lack of writing experience.

Reading within range: If your reading is within range, you’re probably dealing with a faulty charging system or battery. To do a quick alternator drain power check using your digital multimeter, go to the section Bad Alternator Diode Test below. Then, if your alternator passes the test, do a battery check using a hydrometer tool as described in the Car Battery Hydrometer Test section.Automotive