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When you first start doing your own automotive maintenance and repair work, you’ll find yourself making some pretty impressive messes. Even as an auto repair veteran, I still find myself making a few good ones. Since spills are a pretty common occurrence with mechanical work, knowing how to clean them up should be part of your knowledge base. Even though a car has hundreds of feet of wire, and numerous components, by isolating the short it can be quickly located. A few things to remember is that the components must be disconnected in order to use this diagnostic technique. If they are left connected the test light will light up because the electrical current from the test light will flow through the component to a ground, giving you a false reading. Anytime you take on a complicated repair, think it through. It is always best to have a plan of attack. By having the proper tools and quality wire schematics you can systematically trace down the most difficult wiring problem.

That bare wire in the photo is not supposed to be bare. The heat from the amp load burnt off the insulating jacket and left a bare conductor. The reason is carefully laid out in the TSB. The vehicle grounds are attached to a support. Typically, a body shop will undercoat or paint these supports and often times insulate the grounds causing a voltage drop. The TSB wants you to expose the support sand and use new redesigned bolts. But, we will still need a underhood fusebox, some wiring, and a new Integration Relay. I leave the TSB with the body shop to use as a guide.

I´m already accepted to SPD in Milán to make a Master, and i have had good responses from other Colleges in California an Italy, i think that the way for me is to make a Master and gain real experience in countries that have a big tradition and industry, in order to try to find a real job there.

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I arrive and the truck starts and runs like clockwork. This happens all the time. I scan all the modules with Ford IDS and there are many communication codes dealing with the CAN (Controller Area Network) network. A quick scope check tells me the CAN network is operational right now. I look at the modules involved. I see that the CAN wiring runs throughout the vehicle. I give a visual under the hood for anything rubbing or a harness that is not secured. Looks pretty good. I then see the CAN wiring runs down each rocker panel. This truck is definitely a typical Northeast plow truck work horse. I pull up the passenger side sill plate.

Advances in technology have allowed many kiosks to forego the traditional mouse-and-keyboard layout in favour of touch-screens. This allows even more intuitive use of the machines. Users no longer need to worry about possessing any computer knowledge to operate the system, which is great for people who don’t have any computer use experience.