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Testing Expo – Automotive – China is the place to discover new testing, development and validation technologies for components and complete vehicles. With experience over many years, I have found that if you go about your business concentrating on saving your customer money and keeping them safe by ensuring you are both on the same page in keeping the vehicle in tip top condition, you will make good money from your workshop business and your customer’s car will last longer and be safer to drive.

At the same moment that my husband spotted the sequin elastic trim, I spotted some large, oval, faceted aqua sew-on faux jewels that were the perfect width for the strap. I found some matching thread and brought home both the sequin elastic trim and the aqua faux jewels so I could try both options.

Munro & Associates has been involved with hundreds of Lean operations improvements, plant layout, new plant build, plant moves and consolidations across the globe. We offer our clients a level of risk management and dependability due to its long pedigree of Lean that is wholly unique to the industry.

I had rodent accessing my truck when left in the garage while in Arizona. First winter my truck was damaged, next year I tried the home remedies on the Lexus, nothing but gnawing results. The past three years I installed an item called the Rodent Diverter System or R.D.S. for short. Best $49.95 plus shipping & handling I ever spent. Bought it direct from the inventor, he only needs the vehicle tire size. Works on all vehicle axle configurations including aircraft.

We cleaned out both cars, took the Honda in for service and made an appointment for the Ford. The next day – before the Ford’s appointment – my husband drove the Ford home from work, parked in the carport, and within minutes the car burst into flames!!! Thank god we are near the fire station – they saved our house.

After you are done, top off your transmission with fresh fluid. Make sure it is the right fluid for your car. For a 1971 Ford C4, I used type F fluid. You may need to let your vehicle get up to operating temperature and recheck your levels to make sure they are still good.Automotive