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Starting your own automotive repair shop or automotive workshop is the dream of good mechanics everywhere. I have lived that dream. The graceful beauty of Packard lines, the roominess of the car’s interior, the quiet good taste of its upholstery and appointments, the silent ease of motion, and the sense of security which comes with tremendous power under sure control-all contribute to the mental satisfaction and physical repose of the Packard Eight owner.

British cars have always been a symbol of heritage culture history and perhaps style over the year and indeed decades, as classic as they may seem to appear now there still a lot to pinpoint in terms of class when compared to cars from other regions.

I don’t know why auto manufactures are not more diligent about sealing the interior of vehicles. Toyotas have a gap where rodents can get in through the fresh air intake. I have mouse proofed three in the last 15 years. I have to take the grill and wiper motor off and fasten quarter inch mesh screen over the 3×5 inch air intakes vents. I had to fortify my Hyundai by placing quarter inch mesh over some vents in the wheel wells that allowed mouse access to the trunk area. I did have a Nissan that I could not figure how they were getting in so I just kept a bated trap on the passenger floor boards. I would get one every few weeks. Usually they went for the peanut butter in the trap before they did any damage. Good luck everybody.

Most shops have customers waiting for the doors to open in the morning so they can get to work on time themselves. If you’re still drinking your coffee and eating your breakfast sandwich or doughnut, you’re not going to be very productive and your boss will notice.Automotive

architecture and the client wanted to migrate to AUTOSAR compliant ECU. Few legacy components were to be retained from the existing architecture. Therefore, the client had to adopt an ECU architecture that contained a combination of AUTOSAR and non-AUTOSAR components.

A silica coating fills the capillary structures, which produces a smooth flat hydrophobic surface. (A hydrophobic surface is one that repels moisture.) In contrast, a hydrophilic surface is one that absorbs moisture. The potential of a surface to absorb or repel moisture is based on many factors, including: temperature, relative humidity, material homogeneity, and static electricity. Surface roughness is also a major factor; the rougher the surface, the higher the spreading rate or attraction for water. The smoother the surface, the more repellent it is to moisture.