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Adventures of the Automotive Archaeologist. I travel around looking for Barn Finds. I’ll go in farmer’s fields, junkyards, barns trying to find those elusive cars in barns. Because you never know what you are going to find. The best Barn Find might be just a barn away. I was thrilled when I discovered a video on YouTube from Margot Silk Forrest and Destiny Carter of Sassy Feet demonstrating their basic shoe painting techniques in action! Actually, Margot is behind the camera and does most of the narration while Destiny demonstrates the painting. I was able to watch this fun demo to get a better idea of what I would be doing while I waited for the book to arrive.

Dear Sir, the information is excellent and complete. I am leaving in Africa – Mozambique(speak portuguese). My husband bought most of the above equipment in Dubai. But we are not getting a big profit because we are renting the place so expensive from his parents. Know we want to build our own place. Can you please help us how to get a nice modern plans where we can get a nice idea how to organize all our equipment and work properly. Thank you very much. All the best.Automotive

When a silica coating is applied to a clean surface, that surface takes on properties that are virtually identical to hardened glass. It is chemically inert and will not react with the base material. In other words, dirt will not bond to the treated surface, thereby reducing soiling and organic staining.

Portable CMMs such as articulating arms can be used for rapid prototyping, analyzing car body panels or inspecting a body-in-white, while large-volume laser trackers can be implemented for alignment , robot calibration or first article inspection tasks. For as-built documentation and plant layout projects, FARO┬«’s 3D laser scanner is the ideal solution.

I have a Honda and have spent over $800 replacing wires this year. I keep a coffee can of moth balls under the car engine, have fabric softener shets tied inside the engine. However, what seems to be apparent as I am reading the suggestions is that they don’t like light. I wonder if a low watt light bulb under the car would light up things enough to keep them out? Or maybe even a security light rigged up under there in some way. I might give this a try as I have a motion light just sitting around in a box doing nothing.

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