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The former owners and founders of North Eugene Automotive began the company in 1984. Since then it has become a familiar location to local North Eugene (and other parts of the city) car owners. In January 2013, Rick and Dee LeChance (founders) decided to retire and sold the business to Brian and Sarah Slater. Brian (aka Slater) has been the lead technician for 8 years and is very familiar with the customers and the care of their cars. In addition, the Automotive Technology program is working with the Automotive Service Councils of California to establish as early as next year a program like ASEP and ASSET, but with a focus on independent dealerships and repair shops. I really do think that somethings should be left to a mechanic, but it depends on what needs to be done to your car. I would say that having brake issues with your car can be done by yourself without the need for a mechanic to check them for you.

Wow, I’ve never never of this. I guess it depends on where you live. I’ve have live in the UK but now Japan. I never knew that issues such as this could occur. In addition to the portfolio of Automotive Qualified Products listed below, Fairchild also offers bare die , as well as standard and customized automotive power modules. Visit the power modules web page to learn more about our automotive solutions.

gained the attention of Callaway Golf, which will be using the Forged Composite technology to create new golf clubs. Fantastic! You rose to the challenge quite well. I hadn’t really thought about 10 year olds never having not been exposed to a world without computers…but you are right.

Never knew this could be a problem….till my uncle found a family of critters living in his engine. I got a good laugh to say the least! If your’re having a problem with your Honda Harmony 215 Transmission skipping, slipping and not staying in gear, I have the solution, and I will share it with pictures and video tutorials.Automotive

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I tried many things. Unfortunately (for the critters), the only thing that really works, and that I now continue to use, is a pellet rifle I bought for less than $100 – a lot less than the $500 I spent to fix the cables the last time. Great lens! I am so scared that I’ll mess my shoes up though, lol. I am not really the artistic type.