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Pepper Spray for Self-Defense We naturally practice self-defense if we are confronted or attacked by an aggressive person or animal. Our lives are important to us so that when faced with a life and death situation, we do our best to survive the situation. You can face risk in many occasions in your life. When we travel, we have to think of our safety. If you are going to a location which is unfamiliar to you, you can also be at risk of danger. Even when you are in familiar grounds, you should still consider your personal protection. Wherever you are, crime can happen, and so you should always be prepared to defend yourself. If you carry a self-defense device, that is one way of protecting yourself from harm. These self-defense devices have been used to save lives. These devices can be carried anywhere. You can also use these devices as a weapon for protection when you are alone at home. These devices are designed to be lightweight so that you can carry it conveniently wherever you are going. You can rely on these devices when you are facing danger. The device cannot protect you if you don’t know how to use it so make sure that you do. These days a lot of people have been using pepper spray to protect themselves. The main ingredients in pepper spray is cayenne peppers. Chiletpins, jalapenos, and habaneros are the different peppers used in the spray. These peppers contain a substance called capsaicin. If you use pepper spray on a person, it will have a disabling effect which is due to this substance. The pepper spray is considered a safe device for protection. If you want to know whether it is safe, know how it works.
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Pepper spray is an inflammatory substance. Pepper spray only has a temporary effect. It can last for about 10 minutes to an hour. It causes irritation of the mucous membranes of the body if spray onto someone. And when it hits the eyes, the capillaries will dilate. You eyes will hurt badly and you will find it difficult to see. The swelling of your airway lining is another effect of the pepper spray. The pepper spray can also make you cough and have difficulty in breathing.
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You can actually stop the effects of pepper spray if you know what to do and that it why it is considered safe to use. You must not worry if you are able to spray its contents to yourself or to someone else. Immediate relief can be provided. You simply need to wash and soap the affected area and you can remove the substance from your skin. Remove your clothes when doing this and avoid touching the sprayed areas by wearing gloves. In every state, people are allowed to use pepper spray. There are regulations to follow in the use of pepper spray. Carry one but be responsible for its use.