10 New Automotive Technologies To Watch For In 2017

Used by 3,000+ automotive suppliers in over 100 countries, Infor Automotive solutions are the optimal choice for your complex automotive manufacturing needs. From global supplier collaboration to real-time order management, Infor Automotive solutions are designed to work the way you work. Octane rating or octane number is a standard measure of the anti-knock properties (i.e. the performance) of a motor or aviation fuel. The higher the octane number, the more compression the fuel can withstand before detonating. In broad terms, fuels with a higher octane rating are used in high-compression engines that generally have higher performance.

You can use a potential divider circuit to measure high voltages with a low voltage range meter. In fact this is how the internal circuitry in a meter reduces voltage for the various ranges. However the effort required isn’t really worth it. You would also have to build everything into a box so that there are no wires/terminals/components exposed which could cause shock. You can buy a multimeter for about $10 from Dealextreme or other similar gadget suppliers which will measure voltage, current and resistance.

Through strengthening links between the automotive industry and the tertiary education sector, ACE will become a key player in the rapidly developing field of automotive technology, involved in new research and application of improved fuels, engines and automotive design technology.Automotive

If we were to examine a modern luxury vehicle we would find a very complex interconnected network of between 60 to 100 electronic control units (ECUs) in aggregate running between 6 to 8 different operating systems with around 100 million lines of code. The distributed automotive computing architecture has evolved over many product generations as new features and innovations have been added though new hardware modules. This approach has served the industry well, but being faced with rising costs from more complex infotainment and new driver assist systems the existing model is becoming inefficient and a drag on bringing new features and innovations into the car. Complexity presents serious challenges, not the least of which are safety and security.

Take a look at /library/2003/ (starting with Replacement Batteries” about half way down) if you need more information. (You can read about the author & website owner here: /larrypage/larrycarley_photos.htm). I have no relationship to him or his site whatsoever – don’t even know him. But I have found the info I’ve needed on his site many times in the past several years. I’m a grandmother (of 2 teenagers) trying to keep my car running as long as I can, not a mechanic.

However, the problem with this trend is that the process of product industrialization is expensive and lengthy. Hence, diversification and fast product updates can endanger a company’s success. The Return on Engineering (RoE) is an approach to overcome this problem. True to the motto „We need to fail early to succeed quickly methods were developed and validated on the success story of Streetscooter, an all-electric vehicle used by Deutsche Post DHL to deliver packages and parcels all over Germany.